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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why no progress?

Yes, I'm still alive but of little or no use at this point.

The sourceforge project was been taken down due to a DMCA order from two parties. After scrubbing the project of all files considered copyrighted, there isn't enough there to continue investigation. I could get the opensphd part hosted again (although one of the parties has not reviewed the code and accepted that it is open source) but it requires taking upon myself the liability and costs for any challenge issued after reinstating that code. I don't have bottomless pockets and can't take that liability upon myself.

There is another project called ketlaer that has taken a different approach and is adaptable to 1283/1073 devices. They tap into the Asus library, which is publicly available from Asus to work with those devices. MyMediaSystem has been ported and known to work on several compatible devices. Unfortunately, does not work with the 1262/1282 nor could I see any way to adapt it such that it would without adding code that would be considered in violation of the DMCA.

It is not the end of my blog, but looks like the end of my screenplay hacking for now.


  1. That is sad to hear... :(

    Nevertheless, thanks for the great work!

  2. Hi there,
    I always think about using screenplay as Home automation server as it's connected by ethernet and with usb you can connect some firecracker. I also have an ipad/iphone, so do you know if there is some linux projetc who does it on screenplay?

  3. Visco, I'm not familiar with any home automation software that works on the Screenplay.

  4. Hey Joman100

    Hope you're well.

    Can you explain what you had up and were working on and what happened to it in a bit more detail?

    I hadn't stopped by your site in many months and missed the whole affair, apparently.

    wigout (from minimodding)

  5. The conflict came from the parts of the code that Ellion had open sourced. So everything that I and others had worked on with the Hello World in getting to understand how to play the videos, display graphics, etc. which relied on that code was taken down. Collateral damage included the MIPS disassembler, the IomTools open source, and the buildroot toolchain specialized for the screenplay. Basically sourceforge was very unforgiving. They took it all down instead of taking down the specific pieces that had the complaints filed against them. As I indicated, sourceforge would put back up the other pieces but then I have to take on the liability and any charges (lawyer fees, etc.) that resulted from it.

  6. Dear Joman100,

    I need your advice.
    I am planning to buy a NAS / low-power server for my network. I was considering this iomega model.
    (ScreenPlay Pro HD) (I found a store that still sells it)

    Is it posible to attach a usb-hub to it? Can I use it as a server for a USB printer?

    I am somewhat computer-saavy but I never hacked an embedded-linux box. In spite of you abandoning this project, will I still be able to enhance this device funtions?

    As an alternative, I was considering buying the new iomega screenplay director HD 2Tb. Not so different price. But I am afraid that this box is not hacked into (after wreckage of the previous model project) and that I can not use it to serve plugged HDs or printers through the network.

    Thank you for your help in advance!


  7. Hi Martin,

    The screenplay pro hd can have a USB hub attached to have multiple drives, and the screenplayprohd.wikia.com wikia has everything identified to do that, either manually or using Iomtools. I don't know what it would take to support a printer, though.

    But if your primary purpose would be for NAS, then I would say to get a dedicated NAS instead. There are some that can have a printer hooked up. Or you could get a Netgear 3500L router, which is also hackable and can have a printer hooked up to its USB as well if you use one of the alternate firmwares (myopenrouter.com).

    Just bear in mind that any cheap NAS or an alternative like this is not going to perform very well. You're looking at less than 2.5 MB/sec as the fastest you'll get on the screenplay doing wired, around 6-8 MB/s on the Netgear. So if your primary purpose is as a NAS, get a dedicated NAS (or NAS with USB for printer). Research in the support forums to see what speeds people are claiming to be getting. Just because it has a gigabit ethernet connection doesn't mean it gets anywhere near that speed.

  8. Can anyone upload 351H-OpenSource.zip.part1.rar to megaupload?? Mediafire link is broken.


  9. Hi - I own a screenplay plus media player - the latest firmware for my device is 1.20 so I have a small wish for Christmas - could someone upload a image of a filesystem from never firmware ?
    You can do that from telnet with this command
    dd if=/dev/root of=/usr/local/etc/dvdplayer/hdd/volumes/HDD1/filesystem.avi
    assuming that /dev/root is the partition or symlink to root partition and /usr/local/etc/dvdplayer/hdd/volumes/HDD1/ is the directoty containing your files (my device got no network access so the paths are guessed from your site - I can only acces my device filesystem from my linux box.)
    Then you can compress and upload the file filesystem.avi from the drive to rapidshare or megaupload