Hacking devices can/will void your warranty and can turn your expensive consumer electronics into worthless trash if you don't know what you're doing. This blog is for information purposes only, and if you try to hack into your own consumer electronics, you do so at your own risk. The device I'm currently hacking is the Canon SX10 IS camera.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why no progress?

Yes, I'm still alive but of little or no use at this point.

The sourceforge project was been taken down due to a DMCA order from two parties. After scrubbing the project of all files considered copyrighted, there isn't enough there to continue investigation. I could get the opensphd part hosted again (although one of the parties has not reviewed the code and accepted that it is open source) but it requires taking upon myself the liability and costs for any challenge issued after reinstating that code. I don't have bottomless pockets and can't take that liability upon myself.

There is another project called ketlaer that has taken a different approach and is adaptable to 1283/1073 devices. They tap into the Asus library, which is publicly available from Asus to work with those devices. MyMediaSystem has been ported and known to work on several compatible devices. Unfortunately, does not work with the 1262/1282 nor could I see any way to adapt it such that it would without adding code that would be considered in violation of the DMCA.

It is not the end of my blog, but looks like the end of my screenplay hacking for now.