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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recent progress

Currently working with some of the people over at the xtreamer forums. Some have been looking at the Ellion sources and if we can get to the point that the Hello World is displaying on the Ellion, then it may result in more people looking and helping to understand the Realtek chip (although the xtreamer uses the 1073, but there should be many common things between that and the 1282). Feel free to join the discussion.


  1. You also might want to take a peak at http://rtd1261.wikidot.com/ for related devices, and the sources for the ASUS O!Play and AC Ryan PlayOn! devices and also this:


  2. Hi, I am working on a Ellion Labo 110 trying to get an alternative RootApp working.

    The problem so far. The source in the Ellion Source (251H) isn't compatible with the suspend/wakeup on the Labo. Do you have any other source for the WathDogApp? I would be very happy.

    My goal is to implement an somewhat script driven suspend/wakeup, so user kann do *things* before suspend and after wakeup in addition to the standard actions.

    As of now, I can build RootApp and run it. Also, I can send the Labo into suspend but can't wake it up. So something is missing. :(

  3. Hi. Sorry, I've been away from this site for a couple of days and didn't notice your query. The only other source for RootApp that I've seen is the conceptronic source ( http://download.conceptronic.net/GNU-GPL/CM3Gxx/ ). There's a couple of them there. And of course I think i've seen your same post on xtreamer so you're probably familiar with the source modifications to RootApp that cyber made. So are you planning on launching the scripts from within the RootApp? Or just using RootApp to reinitialize in your scripts?

  4. Thanks for answering.
    Yes, I am in contact with cyber but as of now he hadn't time to look into it. It's the chip initialization after wakeup.

    And yes, I plan to launch the scripts from within RootApp in case of suspend and wakeup. This is needed to unmount USB-stick (or SD-Card), stop services, make sync and so on for suspend and reverse way for wakeup. As of now I use a daemon similar to RootApp which works good so far. But the better and cleaner way would be to have it in RootApp.

  5. Hey previous Anonymous, could you please told me a little bit about your daemon?
    I have Iconbit HDR11l, which is RTD1283 based played and it has both RootApp and Dvdplayer inside, but for now problem is that I don't know ways plugin scripts for before/standby and after/wakeup. Your experience in this would be very appreciated

  6. Well, I implemented the daemon by looking into the RootApp sources and how this is controlling DvdPlayer and handling suspand/wakeup. You can contact me with djenett at freenet dot de.

  7. To anonymous, there is a pretty simple way to call suspend/wakeup scripts. :D

    But you need to patch RootApp. Copy it to your PC and open it with a Hex editor. Look for "echo \"nomodule:*\" >> /var/lock/hotplug/config" and replace it with a call to your suspend script, fill up left characters with 0x00. Do the same for "/sbin/modprobe ehci-hcd && /sbin/modprobe ohci-hcd &" and replace it with a call to your wakeup script. Don't forget to put the replaced system calls into your scripts. Copy the modified RootApp to your device (to "/usr/local/etc") and modify /usr/local/etc/rcS.