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Monday, January 19, 2009

ScreenPlay Pro HD and "Yet anOther Dummy CTCS"

The instructions are on the Wikidot site: http://rtd1261.wikidot.com/tweaking-the-official-firmware

The only change I needed to make was that after extracting and copying the files, the /usr/local/bin/ctorrent and /usr/local/bin/dctcs files needed to be chmod to become executable. And to make sure that I created the TORRENT and DOWNLOAD directories in the right place /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/TORRENT and /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/DOWNLOAD. After that, the torrent web page worked just fine. Sure, it would be nice to be able to enter those from the screenplay, but even to be able to tell the screenplay which torrents to download via a web browser and then come back later to find them already present on the screenplay...well, it's convenient. I'm not a big fan of torrents, but I think if you do like them, it is a worthwhile thing to setup.


  1. I'm glad I've found your blog and the wiki too. Both contained valuable information. I was, however, unhappy with the results when using SPP to download torrents while watching movies.

    Apparently the problem is running out of memory, that usually results on Dvdplayer application being killed (which in my TV turns into a blue screen! BSOD anyone?).

    What I've done is to add a swapfile on the disk. 128MB seems to be working fine.

    BTW, another interesting discovery is that programs from OpenWRT project seem to be binary compatible, so I'm adding dropbear SSH server to the box (much better and secure than telnet and it also allows file transfers over the Internet).

    Thanks for sharing,

    Miguel Sanchez

  2. Miguel, are you using the 1 TB version of the SPP or the 500? I ask because there is already a swap drive on partition 3 on the 1 GB version, and it is a 512 MB linux swap drive. Maybe I'm not understanding what you are doing. Can you give a more detailed explanation?

  3. It's a 1TB unit. There is a swap partition, but mine came not initalized (mkswap was missing) so the system did not use it.

    I did not notice the presence of such 512MB swap partition before, so I did a swapfile.

    Now I'm back to the swap partition, but I want to warn other users that might have their units as mine: with a useless swap partition.

    How to tell? Use the free command. If your total swap space is not >500000 then your partition needs some magic. Telnet your system and do mkswap /dev/hda3 and reboot.

  4. Thanks, it works perfect!!

  5. As is mentioned in http://screenplayprohd.wikia.com/wiki/Firmware
    Firmware 2/12/2009 R1.5 Telnet is not enabled by default. Web also.
    How to enable telnet? Where resides / (root) partition?
    If on HDD, so I can take it off, connect to some Linux computer, mount that partition and edit some files.
    Is that right?

  6. Tomas, I've documented it at: http://screenplayprohd.wikia.com/wiki/Enable_telnet

  7. Hallo gents,

    I am a new owner of the Screenplaly Pro HD. Because i find it a great idea, i installed the torrent-application. It's running, but it doesnt working fine. (some symptoms as mentioned from Miguel - 31.March, blue screen etc...).
    I think it can be the "memory" problem, but iam not wery familiar with linux system. That means i need a help.
    1. how can i check if i already have a swap partition? (and if the partition is used)
    2. if yes - how big is the swap partition?
    3. if no - how can i create a partition? (OK. i read the answer from Miguel "Telnet your system and do mkswap /dev/hda3 and reboot" - but pls. is it possible to explaine it a little bit more detailed? - like in the wiki, what to do step by step)

    A lot of thanks - Jozef

  8. Hello Everyone,

    I have just recently bought a SPP HD 1TB and I have a few questions. I would greatly appreciate input from all.

    1.) is there a way to connect an external USB HDD to the SPP and "map it" so that it is visable on my network?

    2.) is there a way to decrease the amount of lag in the "loading" screen?

    3.) is there any "must have" tweaks for the SPP that I must have?

    Again, I am very very new to the digital video world, so please give me as much feedback as you would like, and I thank you in advance for your information and patience.

  9. Whoa, Justin, didn't see your post. Comment system on this totally sucks. In response to #1 - yes you modify the smb.conf file to expose the USB drives as a share. http://screenplayprohd.wikia.com/wiki/USB_Share

    #2. None known

    #3. I think tweaks is individual preference. I like the skin tweak. http://screenplayprohd.wikia.com/wiki/Skins